Saturday, November 28, 2015 urban fantasy erotic romance book by Kat Holmes

This is book one in the Hekate's Web series by Kat Holmes. I read this book and really enjoyed it. A link to my review is below. If you like fantasy with steamy romance, check out Kat's books.


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  1. Kat is a brilliant author. She knows how to weave the many threads of Hekate's manipulative web so we are all waiting with eager anticipation for the next thread to be unraveled and the connection to Hekate revealed. Tell me Kevin what do you think Hekate has over Royce the Water Demon that has forced him to babysit the newly made vampire Lilth even though for reasons we've yet to learn he Hates VAMPIRES? I can't WAIT till KAT writes Royce's story. I mean seriously...a Water Demon is nobody's idea of a 96 pound weakling, yet he hovers over Lilith all those yeasr babysitting that which he hates most...WHY?

    1. A good question. It's still something I haven't figured out or even have a decent answer for.