Saturday, February 6, 2016

"Three Wrongs" by Chuck Bowie

This is the first book in Chuck Bowie's "Donovan: Thief for Hire" series. The third book just released last week. 

"Sean Donovan is doing all right; he has two offshore bank accounts and an American one as well and all three are filling up nicely. His network of clients know his business plan: he is willing to acquire whatever rare or inaccessible product is needed, be it the security plans to an art gallery, a rare Etruscan goblet or a recorded conversation from a former American President. And he will steal it and deliver it to them, no questions asked nor answered.

But he is becoming dissatisfied. In addition to the physical wear and tear inflicted on his body by adversaries, he is now becoming weary of the toll his newly-discovered conscience is exacting from these highly illegal exploits. A series of lies to his most recent client has caused him to think about the impact of his deeds and he doesn’t like how it makes him feel. An idea begins to form; what if he was to undo his last three wrongs? And what if he nevertheless wants to benefit from turning over this new leaf?

This story follows Sean Donovan as he travels from Bucharest to London to Montreal and New York. Will he repent his wicked ways? Will he quit the business before those who he has wronged catch up to him? Will he discover that three wrongs don’t make a right?"

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  1. Thanks, Kevin, for posting a few words about my first novel: Three Wrongs. I write international thrillers, and this is classic suspense. Book 2: AMACAT is a bit lighter in tone, and the third: Steal It All is almost a police procedural. But at the end of the day, they are all suspense-thrillers. I hope you enjoy them, and follow Donovan on his adventures.