Sunday, January 25, 2015

What's on tap for 2015?

Maintaining a blog on a regular basis can prove difficult with all of life's obligations. However, writing--whether it's penning a fictional story or rambling about everyday events--often releases the stresses associated with these other responsibilities. In an attempt to follow my own advice, I will be posting more frequently (and with more variety) in 2015. Whether it's book reviews (several upcoming), guest authors (some great ones lined up), personal news on the writing front (always exciting to share) or even insightful articles every now and then, my goal is least in theory.

The biggest hurdle, though, will be knocking something off of my bucket list. One of the things that has eluded me as a writer is the full-length novel. I've published novellas, which are very satisfying, but there's something about a novel that seems to take a writer to another level. It's a sense of accomplishment I hope to gain at some point, so why not make it my ultimate goal this year?

The possibilities are endless, which--I admit--can be the greatest part of the journey. Even so, I'd like to take a different approach...and this is where you come in. Whether you've read my works or not, what genre(s) would you like to see me tackle? Should I go down a similar path with my novel, focusing on one or more of the genres (dark fiction, science fiction, etc.) I am best known for? Or maybe you'd like to see me take on an entirely new genre such as romance or a straight-up thriller? Then there's the option of writing a prequel, sequel or spin-off of a prior story I've published.

Regardless, I'd love to hear your opinions. Those of you willing to offer feedback might find a character named after you, too. :-) Once I make a decision and do some preliminary work, my plan is to post each chapter here on the blog, possibly on a weekly basis. Come the end of the year (or sooner if the story has been completed), I hope to have a full-length novel to work with!


  1. Hi Kevin. You should write whatever genre you are most interested in/what you read. And it isn't difficult, especially for someone who has published novellas out there, to write a full length novel. It's mainly wanting to write a novel.

    As soon as I submit the manuscript for my third Kay Driscoll mystery, which will be this week, I'm looking forward to starting your novella.

    Good luck making your decisions.

    Susan Bernhardt

    1. Thanks, Susan. I've written in many genres and I'm open to writing in others as well, which is why I ask. I think it's exciting to try something new but, at the same time, I have no problem sticking with what I'm familiar with. Either way, I enjoy hearing what others think. Sometimes it can help give me direction when I'm having a hard time making a decision.

      I hear what you're saying about novellas vs. novels. I have a toddler at home so it's a matter of finding the time. I figure if I can knock out a chapter every week or so, which is very doable even when taking care of my son, I can reach my goal of writing a full-length novel.

      Anyway, thanks for the feedback, and I hope you enjoy the novella. Good luck with your submission.