Friday, June 27, 2014

An Interview with Heather Greenis - Author of The Natasha Saga

Today I welcome author Heather Greenis, whose most recent installment in The Natasha Saga - Natasha's Legacy - was recently released by MuseItUp Publishing. Heather stops by for an interview, which I'm sure you'll enjoy.

1.      What inspired you to write The Natasha Saga?

A dream inspired the story. My dreams can be rather wild. I combine anything and everything.  This was a combination of something we did and two television programs during the week. I couldn’t get the characters out of my mind, so it’s about them.

2.      Tell us something about your most recent book, Natasha's Legacy, that most people probably don't know.

This is the last book, the conclusion to the saga. It’s actually one big book that I broke down into sections. Natasha’s Dream, Diary, Hope, and Legacy.

3.      Tell us something about yourself that might surprise your readers.

I’m shy in public until you get to know me. I’m outspoken on social media. Friends hosted a book launch for Natasha’s Dream. I had to read a short passage. It was the worst three minutes of the night. I don’t even like reading to the dog.

4. What was the first book you ever read? 

It was probably something from Agatha Christie. I read most of her books as a kid.

5.      What, if anything, are you currently reading?

I’m reading The Three Day Road by Joseph Boyden - it’s intense. I’m also reading books by Lin and Kat Holmes, both of whom are MuseItUp authors. I normally have a Muse book on the go. I plan to pick up one of yours, Kevin. The Landfill has my attention.

6.      If you had to compare one character to each of the four seasons, who would they be and why? For example, is there a character that reminds you of summer, and so forth?

Natasha - Winter
Stewart – Spring because he’s calm and nurturing.

7.      Have you ever considered writing outside of your genre and, if so, what would it be?

I plan to. The Natasha Saga is Mainstream. There are two stories within one. The main story begins in the mid 1800’s. I’m not planning another historical novel in the near future. I want to write something light and fun. Well, lighter. I’d love to write something a little bit spooky, but I don’t know if I can pull it off. I have a plot idea, but I’m not sure I’m capable of writing it. I have no desire to write horror. I wouldn’t be able to sleep.

8.      What can we expect from you following The Natasha Saga (current projects, future works, etc.)?

I have a few ideas in my mind but, knowing me, they will change more than a few times. I’m the master of “wouldn’t it be cool if...” A true Aquarian, my imagination keeps my mind busy. Give me a minute of down time, and it’s wandering. 

Leave a comment below, and I'll randomly pick one person to win all four books in The Natasha Legacy! 

You can also check out Heather's author page at the following link.


  1. Thanks for the interview, Kevin and Heather. Very interesting questions and responses. I wish you both the best in your literary endeavors.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Matthew.

  3. Congratulations on finishing your saga, Heather! Like you, I almost always have a Muse book that I'm reading in between other projects. Such a nice, supportive atmosphere we have going!

  4. Thanks for commenting, Heather. Yes, I believe in supporting fellow Musers. I've read two of yours, two of Kevin's and have Matthew's book on my TR list. Waiting for it to launch. I'm currently reading a book that will launch in July by one of our new authors.

  5. It was a 50/50 shot, but you win, Heather Brainerd! I flipped a coin to be fair. You can contact me or Heather Greenis for your free books! Thanks.

    1. Thanks Kevin - I've been in touch with Heather B.
      Heather G

  6. Heather G, congrats on your complete series! What a gigantic effort. Best wishes!

  7. thanks for stopping by, J,Q. really appreciate it.