Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Grip by Griffin Hayes

Four Stars
"Solid sci-fi/horror/psychological thriller"

Stuck on an outpost at the edge of the solar system, Lt. Cready's lone companions are a computer and an engineer named Chavez. With no word from Earth in eighteen months and isolation finally taking its toll, Cready's mind begins to wander. There were rumors that CENTCOM, the organization he works for, had been experimenting and studying the feasibility of replacing men with moids (artificial humans) prior to the start of his mission. What transpires is disturbing but - more importantly - the reader is left to ponder what is reality and what's not. Is Chavez really human? What about Cready? Furthermore, is it possible the computer, despite its synthetic tone, possesses the most human traits of them all? Hayes has an engaging and smooth style to his writing, and the pace and build-up in this story is excellent. Some readers might be turned off by the lack of answers Hayes provides, but his ability to make you think is powerful. This book is currently available for free, though I would have gladly paid to read it.

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