Monday, May 28, 2012

A Single Blade of Grass by Amy Cross

Four Stars
"Left Me Wanting More!"

This sci-fi short by Amy Cross is an intriguing read. Despite his claim of not being near grass for years, Nick wakes each morning with a mysterious blade of grass on his foot. Curious as to whether or not it's real, Nick confides in his friend Malcolm as he searches for answers. However, Nick may not like - or even believe - what Malcolm has to say. In fact, Nick comes to realize that some things are better left unknown. Cross does an excellent job of hooking the reader from the start and keeping them engaged throughout the story. Her clean writing style, sharp dialogue, and contrasting characters add to the allure of the book. If not for the abrupt ending, I would have given this story five stars. That being said, if her plan was to keep the reader wanting more, she certainly succeeded.

1 comment:

  1. Nice review of this sci fi mystery. I like the idea of an engaging book with 'sharp dialoque'. That if left you wanting more is a big plus for the author. Amy must be pleased.