Saturday, May 26, 2012

A review of Orange Rock by Lacerant Plainer

Four Stars
"Enjoyable Sci-Fi Read"

I'm always up for some off-world exploration and a quick read. Orange Rock offers both. This novelette centers around teleportation, which has not only had a profound impact on science, but politics and religion as well. The writer is not preachy or overbearing in any way, though. Instead, the subject matter is touched on sufficiently as to provide a purpose for the story. There are some cool twists and turns along the way, too, including alien life forms. There are a couple of minor things, however, that keep me from rating this book five stars. One is telling us about the characters and not showing us, particularly with Chris. I also found the dialogue format a little strange. The actual dialogue is fine, but you have two or more characters speaking in the same paragraph on several occasions (you usually have a separate paragraph for each speaker), and there seems to be a lack of punctuation in certain places. Regardless, I enjoyed this story and it definitely gave me my sci-fi fix for the day.

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