Saturday, February 1, 2014

Women in Horror Month - Review of Spooked by Lori Lopez

In celebration of Women in Horror Month, I will be reviewing some creepy tales by several female authors throughout the month. Lori Lopez's short story, Spooked, is first on my list. 

*****5 Stars

I have read many of Lori's works, and this short story might be my favorite one yet. Some readers claim that Lori's stories are difficult to get into. I think this is due to her writing style, which isn't for everyone, but I consider it a thing of beauty. Lori is a talented poet, and this comes across in her prose writing as well. She has a great feel for imagery. As far as the story goes, we are presented with two viewpoints as the tale unfolds - one being a black cat named Mister Whiskers or Jinx (just a couple of his nicknames) and a young male named Casper Bledsoe. These two characters eventually cross paths, one ultimately aiding the other in a time of need. Dark family secrets come to light and human and feline both find themselves fighting for their lives. It's a nice mixture of horror and humor, and I thought the cat scenes were cute, especially the unexpected--but perfect--ending.

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