Saturday, February 15, 2014

Women in Horror Month - Review of "The Evolutionist" by Rena Mason

****4 Stars

Solid debut!

I'm an avid reader of sci-fi, horror, dark fiction, etc., but I don't normally care for psychological thrillers. I wouldn't necessarily tag the Evolutionist as this type of book (it's more like a combination of all of these), but I was pleasantly surprised, nonetheless. Though the book started out a little slow, I found myself getting hooked about halfway through it. The pace picked up nicely, and I eagerly awaited further clues to help make sense of Stacy's mysterious experiences. The last third of the book did exactly what it should--it moved quickly and built to an ultimate climax. While the end seemed a little abrupt, it was unexpected and strayed from the norm, which I consider a good thing. Honestly, this book ended up being much different than I anticipated, and the constant twists and turns made for a very engaging read. Additionally, Rena's background in the medical profession and her love of astronomy are both apparent in this book, making it that much more believable.

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