Friday, January 8, 2016

The Turtan Trilogy...A science fiction adventure and romance series by John B. Rosenman

Today I'm highlighting "The Turtan Trilogy" by John B. Rosenman. This is a science fiction adventure and romance series, and you can purchase the combined trilogy in a great bundle deal. Below is a description of the series and a link to the book trailer. 

"The Cen, a cruel alien race, has attacked humanity and only one man can save it. Turtan, an Inspector of the Cross Empire, travels in suspended animation to distant worlds in search of a weapon or device that can defeat the enemy and end the brutal five-thousand-year war. Because he travels in frozen sleep, this elite agent is technically four thousand years old and has outlived many lovers and generations of his children. It is a painful and terrible burden, but duty comes first and always he must move on. His mission is rendered even more difficult by his own leaders who sometimes oppose his selfless quest to save humanity. 

In Inspector of the Cross, Book 1, Turtan confronts the deadly, mysterious Godstone on Sircon IV and then travels fifty years to meet Zontena’s giant, game-obsessed birds. Next, he must journey one hundred ninety years to the lethal center of the enemy empire, somewhere no human has gone before

In Kingdom of the Jax, Book 2, Turtan travels across the universe. On Turtan 8 he discovers a strange and unique alien race who name the planet after him, and on Lauren he tries to rescue a human colony imprisoned by vicious Cen. 

In Defender of the Flame, Book 3, Turtan returns to a glorious homecoming at the Academy where he graduated four thousand years before. He believes he has finally found a method to deliver the human race from the enemy. 

The question is, can his solution work, and will his superiors permit him to use it?"

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