Monday, January 4, 2016

War Unicorn...a young adult fantasy novel by S.L. Carlson

Today I'm highlighting War Unicorn, a young adult fantasy novel by S.L. Carlson and MuseItUp Publishing. I really enjoyed making the book trailer for this one.

"Reg is content working in his family’s apple orchard—or as content as a fourteen-year-old magician can be digging holes—when he unearths an antique ring and releases a rude unicorn. 

She claims she belongs to the king, but after her long imprisonment, she can’t tell Reg which king that might be. Reg promises to bring her to the capital and deliver her to the palace, and suddenly a simple three-day trip turns into the adventure of a lifetime for a boy who dreams of freely practicing his magic.

War is building on his country’s borders, and even with the help of Reg’s new friend Iggy, and Gwen, the general’s daughter, it’s going to take all the courage—and magic—Reg has to find the unicorn’s rightful king. 

Promises will be made, the bonds of family and friendship will be tested, and war will change everything. 

Can an apple farmer and one rude war unicorn save their country from the approaching enemy?"

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