Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Frankenstein: Return from the Wasteland by Billie Sue Mosiman

Five Stars
"A beautiful and touching tale"

This story takes place twenty years after the death of Dr. Frankenstein. Ever since that day, when Dr. Frankenstein's creation disappeared into the cold, Robert Walton has obsessed over the unknown - is the creature still alive? With his health faltering, Walton sets out on a journey to answer this question while he still has time. As he travels north into the frigid seas and icy landscapes, Walton keeps his true intentions a secret from those who accompany him. Will Walton find the one he seeks and, even if he does, can anything good come from it? Billie Sue Mosiman writes a beautiful and heart-felt tale that will make you ponder the true definition of a man. I highly recommend this novelette.

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