Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tea with Death by Joel M. Andre

Today I welcome Joel M. Andre, who is making a stop here on his Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tour. I am reviewing Joel's short story Tea with Death. 

Five Stars
"Death has a dark sense of humor"

This short story, told in first-person narrative, revolves around a meeting between a man and Death - also known as the Grim Reaper. It's not disclosed how the gentleman manages to arrange such a meeting, but it's insignificant in the bigger scheme of things. What proves to be important is the man's true intentions. Constantly tip-toeing around Death and second-guessing his words out of fear of retaliation, he is afraid to ask the tough questions. However, things change as the discussion progresses. Learning secrets which are sought after by so many of the living, he eventually gives in to temptation. He asks death for a favor knowing there will be a price to pay in return. Death has a great sense of humor in this story, yet there is a serious undertone throughout, which only intensifies leading up to the grand finale. Though I saw the ending coming to a certain extent, this was an entertaining read that leaves you pondering life, as well as what comes after.

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