Friday, June 8, 2012

She Makes Me Smile by Mandy DeGeit

Four Stars
"A Roller Coaster of Emotions"

I don't think we ever get the name of the main character in this story, but she is someone who has never felt true emotions as long as she can remember. In other words, she has never experienced happiness, sadness, anger, etc. Having learned what emotions look like in the form of body language, she fakes them in an attempt to fit in with others. However, when she finally finds someone who likes her for her true self, things begin to change. As she starts sensing certain emotions, some of which hit her simultaneously, it proves to be more than she can handle. Though a few parts of the book read a little awkward and even seem to go against the character's claims of being emotionless (maybe she is looking back on previous events and describing how she feels about them now), this is still an interesting story. If you want to read about the dark side of friendship, check out this short by Mandy DeGeit.

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